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Faranto e. V.


Hallo, we have been informed by the HTW Dresden that you are starting your time in Dresden as an international student this autumn.

First of all: Good choice! You have picked an amazingly vibrant city and school in an astonishing and most beautiful region of Germany. As Faranto e.V., the ESN-Section, ERASMUS and International Student Initiative here at HTW Dresden, our mission is to make your arrival, stay and experience here at the HTW and in Dresden itself as easy and memorable as possible. For that purpose we wanted to give you a short heads up what we have in stock for you. In close cooperation with the International Office of HTW Dresden and the International Bureau of the Student Parliament we have prepared an orientation week, which hopefully will make it easier for you to adjust to life here in Dresden and for us to lend you a helping hand with all the organisational stuff. Just to name a few of the important things we already have set up for you: First of all we offer a pickup-service from all the mayor hubs here in Dresden (Train Stations, Airport, Bus Terminals etc.). A representative of Faranto will greet you wherever you arrive and show you safely to your "Wohnheim" (student hall), which most of you will probably already have organised or are in the midst of organising. To arrange pick-up please register using the following Link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?fromEmail=true&formkey=dC1iYnBrd1Jad2dZQ3N1cFlOX2J3UXc6MA (copy to browser, if link does not work) Then within the orientation week we have already organised to get you registered with the City of Dresden (mandatory in Germany), get you signed up with your personal free german bank account, show you around the HTW with all the important things and offices you need to be aware of. Also we have secured mandatory student health insurance for all of you not originating from within the European Union and therefore not covered by the European Health Scheme through your home insurance. That way you'll have all that 'nasty' stuff out of the way and are all set up to kickstart your life in Dresden. Furthermore there will be a lot of other stuff going on within your orientation week and throughout your whole stay at HTW Dresden. A city ralley of Dresden to show you the perks of were you live, bowling, hiking tours, pub crawls, parties etc. - just to give you an idea. Also - as has been tradition, we have started a Facebook group for you to serve as your main communication hub with each other and us Farantos. To join that group please follow the link below: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1516356268600076/ As has come to our attention last semester, some of you may be unable to secure accommodations with the "Studentenwerk" in one of the student halls. This happens from time to time as sometimes - by popular demand - spaces can fill up pretty quick. For those of you that still haven't found anywhere to live yet, here - apart from the waiting list of the Studentenwerk itself - a few recommendations as to where to look alternatively: www.wg-gesucht.de (flat-/house share site) www.immoscout24.de (mainly single apartments, some flat shares) www.cybersax.de (go to "plaza" and then to "Biete Wohnung" - general classifieds) https://www.facebook.com/groups/306157412832699/ (Flat share Facebook Group for "ALL" Dresden Students - even though it just says TU in the title) www.rooming.eu (brand new website, but might still be good) In case some of you that HAVE a spot at a "Wohnheim" (student hall) are coming in outside the hours of operation of the Studentenwerk (http://www.studentenwerk-dresden.de/english/wohnen/sprechzeiten.html), you have to organize a place to stay for yourselfs until the Studentenwerk opens again. A good place is the A&O Hostel/Hotel - locate right next to HTW Dresden, about 500m from Dresden Main Station (Hbf) and Studentenwerk (http://www.aohostels.com/en/dresden/) We here at Faranto e.V. are looking forward to meeting you very soon. In the meantime - If you have any questions do not hesitate to write us an email by hitting the "reply all" button in your mail programme and a Faranto will be there to hopefully answer all your questions.

International Greetings,